viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017

Extra Point (III) Atención, entrada fija.

Hello class,
Aquí os propongo el tercer ejercicio con el que podéis conseguir 0.1 puntos

Se responderá en la sección comentarios poniendo vuestro nombre lo primero para poderlo calificar.

No olvides suscribirte al blog para recibir las novedades en tu correo electrónico

Escribe una postal (similar a la que encontrarás en la unidad 63):

  • Saluda y despídete correctamente.
  • Dónde estás y con quien.
  • Qué estás haciendo en ese momento.
  • Qué planes inmediatos tienes.


27 comentarios:

  1. Noelia Agredano Lanzas
    Dear sister.I'm in Dublin with my boyfriend.
    We're having a very good time.
    We're visiting San Patricio cathedral. He's taking a photos. I'm listening to an audioguide in spanish.
    In the afternoon we are going to Phoenix Park there is the most biggest park in Europe.
    see you soon. Noelia

  2. Eloisa Ubeda
    Greetings from Bergen,
    How are you?
    We`re very happy , this is a wonderful trip, we´re in Bergen today and it`s raining. Cheli is going to buy two ticket of bus now. We`re travelling from Bergen a Flam tomorrow to see the Fiordos, i think that it is spectacular. We are taking much photos.
    We love Noruega
    Missing you


    1. Well done!

      buy two ticket of bus------ two bus tickets.

      much photos. ---- many or a lot of photos.

      from Bergen TO Flam.

  3. Araceli Villanueva
    Dear children,
    We are in Paris with your uncles. It's a beautiful and romantic city .We are eating much crepes and we are having a great time. We are travelling on boat on the Sena river today. We are visiting the Eiffell Tower tomorrow.
    Missing you.

    1. Very good!!!!

      much crepes---- many crepes or pancakes.

  4. Virginia Gutierro López

    Greetings from Australia!
    Alberto and I are on holiday after a long year of work.
    We're visiting the Opera House in Sidney. It's wonderful. Such a beautiful building.
    We're going to see the Great Barrier later on this afternoon. I'm really excited about it.
    We're having a very good time here, although the food's a bit weird, but we aren't having any problems with it.
    See you soon,


  5. José Manuel González Nieto
    Dear teacher,
    I´m writting to you from Jamaica. I´m on holiday here. At this moment, I´m walking on the sand of the beach with my wife. We´re going to the Blue Mountains this afternoon. Now, the sun is shinning and the weather is fantastic.
    See you back again.

  6. Jose jerez lillo

    Dear family,
    I'm at home with my girlfriend and we wanted to give you some nice news, we're getting married.We are preparing the invitations to send them by mail.
    We miss you so much.
    See you very soon.
    Postscript:The honeymoon you buy it

  7. Mónica Gutiérrez Rey
    Dear mother,
    We are in Italy with my husband and my children. We like this city very much, it is all very different and has a beautiful view. Yesterday we took a boat for a walk around the city and ate special pasta from Italy, it was great !
    Tomorrow we take the plane to return to Madrid.
    Lots of kisses
    Your daughter Monica

  8. Daniel Gutierrez Belinchón
    Dear Mom,
    We´re in Hawaii. At the moment we´re take the sun on the beach while having a cocktail. Esther is taking a shower, she is very happy about this wonderful trip. The weather here is perfect and the views are fabulous, it's an amazing place. We are having a great time and we are more relaxed.
    See you soon,

    1. Great!!!
      we´re take the sun on the beach ----- we are sunbathing on the beach.

  9. Jose Antonio Quiros Monago
    Greetings from Scotland!!!
    We are all family on holiday, today we are on the outskirts, and it is raining
    Now we're going to take a tea, and then we'll travel to Skye, we’ll there for a few days too
    We miss you, this is wonderful.
    See you around
    Raul x x x

    1. Superb!!!!
      all family ---- all THE family
      we’ll there ---- we'll BE there

  10. Yoana Sánchez Escolar

    Dear Saul,
    We are in Bora Bora. My mother is on the beach while I am writting you now!
    Tomorrow we swims with the sharks I am very happy and my mother is very nervous!!! XD
    I miss you very very much!!
    Love you...
    See you soon

    1. Nice job!
      writting you now!---- writing TO you now
      Tomorrow we swims ---- we ´re swimming / we swim

  11. Saul valdez ramos

    Dear gerar,
    I'm in Moscú with my girlfriend. Now I'm watching the red square is very beautiful and very long.
    Tomorrow we go to the Gorki park for take a bike ride.
    See you soon dear friend
    A hug!

    1. Well done!
      the Red Square, it 's very beautiful
      Tomorrow we go ---we're going
      for take a bike ----TO take

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  13. Alvaro Aragoneses Carravilla

    Dear father,
    I'm at home with my friends. At this moment I am play computer games.
    We will go out to the street in a while
    See you soon

  14. El texto era sobre un plan de vacaciones, Alvaro.
    At this moment I am play --- At the moment i'm playING
    will go out to the street --- go out impplica to the street,así que no hace falta.

  15. Neftalí Cobo López

    Dear mom.

    We are in Mexico. At the moment we are on the beach, Bárbara is swimming and I ´m reading a book. It´s a fantastic country. We are having a very good time here and the Mexican food is wonderful. Tomorrow we take the plane to return to Madrid.

    See you mom.