martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Atención Extra point. (entrada fija)

Hello class,
Aquí os propongo otro ejercicio con el que podéis conseguir 0.1 puntos

Se responderá en la sección comentarios poniendo vuestro nombre lo primero para poderlo calificar.

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Se trata de describir brevemente la historia de tu vida, real o inventada, igual que hizo Hans en la unidad 75. Puedes usar el ejercicio 3 de esa unidad para guiarte un poco. 
Draw My Life en Español - YouTube
Thank you and...
See you soon!

20 comentarios:

  1. José Manuel González Nieto. Nivel II a distancia, grupo de mañana.
    Hello, my name is Drake. I was born many years ago in Transylvania. I lived in a big castle inside a dark forest, but I was always very bored and alone, so I decided to travel to London.
    I arrived al London last night, because I don´t like the sun, it´s very dangerous for me. I liked London the first time I saw it. There were a lot of people and there were a lot of places to eat.
    I visited some museums, cinemas and discos-pubs. I fell in love with its people so much, so I ate two of them.
    I´m afraid, I talked a lot and the sun is rising now.
    I have to go and maybe...I will find you tonight.

  2. Daniel Gutierrez Belinchón
    Hi, my name is Felipe. I was born in Madrid. My family lived in small street from Leganés. I went to I.E.S. Julio Verne in Leganés. I didn´t like school. I left school when I was eighteen. I went to Leganés in Móstoles. After that I stayed in Móstoles and I got a job with a dental clinic. I was a dentist. I went to University Rey Juan Carlos.

  3. Eloisa Ubeda
    Hi, my name is Elspeth. I was born in Scotia. My family and i lived in a small town near England
    When i was two years old, we left to Spain and we lived in Madrid. I studied Marketing and Advertising at ESIC Business & Marketing School.
    I liked sport. i swimmed and rode bicycle.
    I got a job in a advertising agency, i was a Operations Director
    I married when i was thirty-seven years old and i had one son and a daughter. They were born in Madrid.

    1. Fantastic!!!!
      Scotia= Scotland
      I had one son... = I have (unless they are dead)
      I married= better I got married

    2. In aN advertising
      I was aN operations ...

  4. Araceli Villanueva Coloma
    Hello, my name is Maria.
    I was born in Villarrubia de Santiago, my family and I lived in a small village near Toledo.
    I did not go school, because we were very poor and i had to work in the countryside to help my family.
    When I finished my work I played with my brothers sometimes near the river.
    One night I dreamed that I studied and I worked as a teacher.
    When I was eighteen old I went to the city and I got my dream.

  5. Virginia Gutierro López. Nivel II distancia

    My name is Daniela
    I was born in Spain. My family lived in a small town near Madrid.
    When I was three, we left Spain and we moved to Switzerland. My father worked for a bank there.
    I went to school in Bern. I liked school!
    I liked sport. I played tennis and volleyball for the school teams.
    I left school when I was sixteen. I went to Paris in France.
    I studied there at the University of La Sorbonne. I did Arts.
    After that I stayed in Paris and I got a job with the Louvre Museum. I was a tourist guide.
    I met my husband, Albert, in a Supermarket. We were shopping and confused our bags.
    We got married two years later.
    Our first child (a daughter) was born in March last year.

  6. Jose Carlos Navarrete Armada / Distancia Tarde Tecnológico
    Hello, my name is Carlos.
    I was born in Malaga in 1973, my family lived in a small village near Marbella.
    I went to school in San Pedro Alcántara.
    My father worked in a big garden and my mother worked like a housewife.
    I played tennis in club near the mountains.
    I left the institute when I was sixteen and I started to work in a office.
    Years later, I moved to London and I studied English.
    I met my wife in Madrid in 1999. We got married six years later.
    Two years ago, our first child was born, Martina.

    1. Nice job!
      my mother worked AS a housewife
      institute = Secondary School.
      in aN office

  7. Ana Maria Donoso Cubero.Distancia nivel II Tarde Tecnológico. Hello, my name is Bárbara.
    I was born in Sevilla 30 years old ago.I went to school and when I finished hihg school I went to work.I lived in a nice house with garden but when I was 20 years old I decided to go to Madrid.I really like that city.I started working as a waitress and now Ihave a restaurant with my husband that I met when I arrived in Madrid.Before we went on holiday to Sevilla but my parents moved to Madrid a few years ago too.

    1. Well done!
      30 years ago
      i went to work = i started to work

  8. Noelia Agredano Lanzas. Nivel II tarde distancia.
    Hello my nama is Noelia.
    I was bron in Madrid my family lived in a town in the north of Madrid San Lorenzo de el Escorial. I went to C.P San Lorenzo de el Escorial. I liked going to dance classec and playing football. When i was 14 years old we moved to Aranjuez whit my mother's family. I have to go whit my boyfriend to live in Fuenlabrada three years ago.

    1. Nice!
      dance LESSONS
      I have to go with my boyfriend... = I moved with my BF to Fuenlabrada ...

  9. José Antonio Quirós
    DT Nivel II

    My name is Jose, I was born in Asturias, When I was two, my family moved Badajoz, i went school San Gregorio and when i was twelve years, moved in Madrid, I went school Pio Baroja,i anjoyed school,and i made a lot new friends, we played football and tennis, but i had liked very much a Bicycling.
    I was eighteen years, i worked for an engineering company in Madrid.
    Now I got two children, They like school very much and they are very good students.

    1. Well done!
      moved TO Badajoz
      I went TO school
      Moved TO pero Arrived IN
      But I really liked cycling
      WHEN I was 18, I started to work for...
      now I'VE got 2 children (I got solo queda muy coloquial)

  10. Neftalí Cobo López. Nivel II Mañana
    I was born in Madrid
    I lived in Alava street.
    I went to "Los Naranjos" school.
    I liked play basket, I didnt like play football.
    I leave school to start work on construction.
    After, I got a job in the police.